Details From Our Meeting (8th December)


* The new shrts should arrive for either the League Cup game with Guiseley (12th December) or the League match with Radcliffe Borough (17th December).

* Ronnie Spraggon has been in touch with the company who is supplying the fridge magnets that we have ordered. Again these should arrive within the next few days.

* The people who attended tonight's meeting have decided what design they would like for the wall clocks and these are to be ordered tomorrow (Friday 9th December). We are to order around 20 for the time being. These could arrive in time for the League match with Radcliffe also.

* The new scarfs have arrived.

* The supporters club are also trying to arrange for calenders and track suits to be made for the club shop.


* The mini bus arranged for the game against Blyth on Boxing Day has been cancelled. This is because the mini bus company has cancelled insurance for the Christmas period. There were not enough people interested also.


* No date has been set for this visit as yet, however Christmas Eve at around 10am has been suggested although a lot of the supporters in attendance would prefer an earlier date.


* The Lottery is really struggling at present. It is only rising by £59.10p a week for the time being.

* We discussed that the lottery is badly advertised hence one reason why it is doing so badly.


* Supporters in attendance tonight have suggested that heedforums should be removed due to recent messages. We feel that it is giving the club a bad reputation and possibly preventing people from coming to watch the matches.

* Margaret Lord would like anyone who has any problems with any administration issues to speak to her directly. She was furious with the comments made on heedforums regarding the administration.

* We talked about the current address for the supporters club website. Most supporters would like the address to be changed so that it is easier for them to remember. Any suggestions can be emailed directly to gatesheadfcsc@yahoo.co.uk.


* The club have been given a noticeboard and the council has given the club the use of a display cabinet to help promote the club within the stadium itself.

* It was said that if we can target at bringing in an extra 150 fans to games that the clubs income will benefit tremendously. This will help to increase raffle ticket sales, tuck shop sales etc.

* It was suggested that we advertise (like Gateshead Thunder did) how desperate we are for extra support.

* It was mentioned that the FA did not inform the club about James Curtis' suspension for the game against Kidsgrove Athletic. However the FA claim to have sent the club a letter through the post but this apparently went missing.

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