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For a recent away match there were only 2 people who travelled on the team bus.<P> <b>CHRISTMAS RAFFLE</b><P> * Contrary to general opinion, this years Raffle was organised to assist GFC club funds. However, the Supporters Club are disappointed by the lack of tickets sold particularly when the value of the donated prizes did not justify the actual revenue.<P> *Apart from apathy, one possible reason could have been that we had few home games Pre-Christmas and were forced by fixtures to make the draw a week earlier than last year, so we as a club will have to roll our sleeves up even further to help sustain our team, although we are finally pleased to announce that first meeting of the proposed working committee has been set up with the board on 30th January 2006 - WATCH THIS SPACE!<P> <b>FUTURE JOINT FUND RAISING WITH LOW FELL F.C.</b><P> * Peter Storey, Steve Gillespie and Laurence Dinning are to discuss the possibility of joint fund raising with Low Fell F.C sometime this week.<P> <b>LOTTERY</b><P> * When the lottery first started it was seen as a great idea, however other clubs are not showing any interest in participating and we are starting to think it is dying a death. <P> FORTHCOMING CYSTIC FIBROSIS EVENT</B><P> * This event has been planned for 19TH MARCH 2006.<P> * GATESHEAD is to be the THIRD LEG of a SPONSORED SPACE HOPPER RACE.<P> * Final to be held at midnight on 25th March 2006, in London.<P> * Full details to follow when available.<P> <b>PREVIOUS FUND RAISING EVENTS</B><P> When the Supporters Club re-grouped in 2004, it was thought that if we were to become involved in the community as well as helping GFC that this would raise the club's profile and would help drum up some much needed support. Unfortunately to some extent this has not happened and it has been decided that from now on, a one off event (Halloween Party) would be dedicated to a selected Charity for Season 2006-2007, which will be Muscular Dystrophy and is already being organised by Ken Sparnon.<P> <B>SUPPORTERS CLUB CHAIRMAN TO STAND DOWN</b><P> * Peter Storey is standing down from his role of Supporters Club Chairman at the end of the current season. This is due to family / business commitments. He has however stressed that he will remain within the club and will help his successor wherever and whenever he can. <P> </p> </td> </tr> </table> <h2>&nbsp;</h2> <center><a href=http://jdkfy.com/u/gfcsc05/><img border=0 usemap=#cmap border=0 src=http://ctr.jdisy.com/counter/index.php?u=gfcsc05&s=miniscu></a> </center> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>