Player Number Three

Full Name: Jeffrey Wrightson.
Position: Defender.
Appearances: 226.
Goals: 3.
Seasons With Gateshead: 1992/93 - 1996/97.

Hall of Fame Status:

Quite simply the best Centre Half since the days of Tommy Callender. Wrightson had it all, good in the air, exceptional with the ball at his feet and his reading of the game was second to none. How he was never capped for the England Semi-Pro side, is a total mystery to this day, as well as a great shame.

Fans and the Manager at the time, Colin Richardson, were convinced that had Jeff played for someone like Kettering, Kidderminster or Woking during his time at Gateshead he would have been a regular in the England Semi-Pro side.

The fan's used to sing: "You'll never beat Jeff Wrightson" and to be brutally honest, very few did.